Syn Sessions: Remigai

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Founded by friends and creative collaborators Nick Wood and Simon Le Bon in 1991, Syn has always gone beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary. We have provided original music, sound design, sonic branding, live entertainment, music licensing, narration and creative services for thousands of projects for almost three decades.

Headquartered in Tokyo, with a network of studios in Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai and Manila, we have an international team from a diverse range of backgrounds.

At Syn we are music lovers first and foremost, and because many Japanese artists and composers don't get a chance to have their music heard outside of Japan (mostly because of the language barrier), we relish the chance to introduce music from Japan to the Western world.

With the forthcoming Olympics being held in Japan we are currently curating several albums of Japanese music from artists and composers that we hope we can be a resource for any outlets who are looking for an authentic Japanese sound to enhance their message.

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Syn Sessions

We also put together Syn Sessions as a platform to introduce artists and bands that we feel could bring something fresh and new to campaigns and brands. Each artist or band performs a song in a unique location that we then capture and share.


Remigai are a three-piece band that formed in Nagoya, Japan. Their singer Aya Fukaya is said to have been named after the Steely Dan album 'Aja', which her parents loved. They play live with up to nine members including drums, computer, guitar, fiddle, cello, flute and sax.

For our session they performed their song ‘Catch’ together with the Nakamura High School Brass Band, which was shot at the school in the classroom. As the band is based in Nagoya and collaborated with the students who are based locally, they also performed together at a concert organized by the school. The song was licensed via Syn to HBO's 'Girls'.

Watch Remigai’s Syn Session HERE.

Paul Goldsmith